Ravatherm XPS

Ravatherm XPS* is produced for more than 40 years, with the extrusion of polystyrene foam, resulting in a material with uniform small and closed cells and an unparalleled combination of properties that make the product ideal.

In particular, Ravatherm XPS has:

  • Low thermal conductivity (λ = 0,033 W / mK)
  • High resistance to compression
  • Low water absorption
  • Ease of use
  • Hygiene


Ravatherm XPS is available in various shapes and thicknesses, designed to meet the performance requirements of specialized applications and more specifically:



  • Thermal insulation of simple and planted roofs
  • Thermal insulation of inclined roofs
  • Thermal insulation of concrete elements
  • Thermal insulation of masonry
  • External Thermal Insulation
  • Thermal insulation of basements
  • Thermal insulation of refrigerators


* Ravago Building Solutions (RBS) by incorporating all the brand names of extruded polystyrene products under the new brand name "Ravatherm XPS", expands its potential and strengthens its identity on a pan-European level.