RAVAGO XPS boards: Xenergy

Xenergy is the new generation of DOW grey extruded polystyrene foam, which offers up to 26% better (lower) thermal conductivity than conventional, competitive products. At the same time it continues to offer the excellent and tested features of Blue boards: high mechanical properties, excellent moisture resistance, dimensional stability, good breathability, easy placement and environmental friendliness.


In particular, Xenergy has:

  • Very low f thermal conductivity (for material thicknesses from 30-50 mm λ = 0.030 W / mK and from 60-80 mm λ = 0.031 W / mK)
  • High resistance to compression
  • Low water absorption
  • Ease of use
  • Hygiene


Xenergy covers the range of applications of the well-known blue thermal insulation  boards and is available in various thicknesses and types, designed to meet the performance requirements of specialized applications. More specifically:

  • Xenergy GR
  • Xenergy CW-SL
  • Xenergy SL
  • Xenergy IB-SL



  • Thermal insulation of simple and planted roofs
  • Thermal insulation of inclined roofs
  • Thermal insulation of concrete elements
  • Thermal insulation of masonry
  • External Thermal Insulation
  • Thermal insulation of basements
  • Thermal insulation of refrigerators