Polytile is a composite thermal insulation tile (dimensions 30x60 cm) comprising a thermal insulation layer of extruded polystyrene (Ravatherm XPS) and a surface finish of a white protective layer of cement mortar of 2cm thickness.

The extrusion process gives Ravatherm XPS  its distinctive closed cell structure and the following physical properties:

  • Low modulus of thermal conductivity
  • Low water absorption
  • High compressive strength

Also Kelyfos Rooftile is designed to offer the greatest possible advantage in inverted insulation of flat roofs, as its edges have a tongue and groove profile that ensures the extinction of thermal bridges and the excellent walkability of the final surface.


  • Reducing thermal bridges, due to TG configuration
  • Protection of structure from weathering
  • Protection of the water insulation layer from ageing
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Lightweight (46kg/m²) appropriate for flat roofs requiring light weight surface covering
  • Possibility to re-use the material in cases of extensions or new floors addition.