Ravago Building Solutions

Ravago Building Solutions (RBS) manufactures and distributes specialized building & construction products and solutions across Europe, Turkey and CIS markets. 

RBS has own manufacturing facilities in insulation (XPS & stonewool), waterproofing membranes and foil & packaging. 

The own production is complemented with distribution of building & construction productions of leading brands through a distribution and dealer network across Europe. 

Finally, RBS is also active in selected construction activities (for example fixed furnishing of hospitals and industrial clean rooms, photovoltaic parks and construction projects.

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All technical details of the products in our portfolio are available for your information. 


Our products and solutions are used in a variety of projects.


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of building and construction materials and solutions. 

Full Range of Metal Accessories for Dry Wall Systems designed by Ravago Hellas Building Solutions

April 16, 2021

The production of Dry Wall Systems of RAVAGO HELLAS BUILDING SOLUTIONS is among the leaders of the Greek market and has a full range of metal profiles, accessories, and access panels.

The products are characterized by their technical supremacy and innovative design following their patent certificates.

Production’s process is following ISO 9001:2015 quality certification system guaranteed by the European Quality Assurance (EQA Hellas SA).